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Police Shutdown A Chorus Of Backpackers Singing 'Hey Baby' At Bondi Hotel
Bondi Hotel was treated to a glorious singalong on Sunday afternoon followed by a police raid in an odd series of events. According to Joshua Duffy, an eye-witness of the events, who spoke to Vice, “six police cars” turned up at Bondi Hotel on Sunday …
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Expedia's Accelerator Program – The Final Nail in the Coffin of Hotel
Though Expedia's new Accelerator Program has not officially launched, it has been widely discussed by the company's top management during investor calls and TV interviews. It is also being promoted to hotels in a number of locations by Expedia's market …
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The legendary Hotel Kämp, part of the Finnish group Kämp Collection Hotels
Hotel Kämp, part of Kämp Collection Hotels and located in the heart of Helsinki, has played an important, cultural role in Finland since it opened in 1887. The hotel has been the home to heads of state, celebrities and influencers for over 100 years …
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