November 30, 2001
Actions in Atlantic Canada: Halifax, NS

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From Cyndi Gilbert, Sierra Club of Canada, Atlantic Chapter

The Halifax event was a great success, and thanks to all who participated.  About five people dressed up as tapirs, macaws, and jaguars with around 40 people in attendance.  Even though it was pouring rain, everyone stayed outside handing out information and talking to the public for an hour and a half. The response was incredible.

As soon as we got there, the security guards informed us that we had to stay on the sidewalk (orders from above). One guard even kicked me and the CBC radio interviewer out of the building while we were doing an interview.

After the demonstration, Helen Jones (a local pesticide activist) and I went upstairs to the Fortis Properties office and spoke with the Vice-President. He took notes of our questions and said that he would ensure that someone in public relations from Fortis, Inc. got back to us. Everyone left feeling great. The posters of the ad are now up all over town thanks to our volunteer posterers.

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