November 30, 2001
Actions in Atlantic Canada: St. John's, NF

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Two events took place on November 30 in St. John's Newfoundland related to Fortis' dam plans in Belize: 

Hundreds of people gathered at the Human Rights Fair in St. John's, and the Pennies for Parrots program had a booth, distributing informational brochures and discussing Fortis' plans.  People were generally dismayed by Fortis' participation in the dam scheme and highly supportive of efforts to stop the dam.

Later in the afternoon, a small group of people went to the Holiday Inn, St. John's, to hand out brochures, and talk with hotel and restaurant guests about the dam.  After a short while, demonstrators were asked to leave the premises, but not before all 250 brochures were handed out to Fortis customers and staff.

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