November 24, 2003
Geology: Fortis/BECOL/AMEC removed fault lines in geology maps

In November 2003, facing the Privy Council hearing, Belize's government finally released a secret geology report showing that Fortis's geology studies were wrong: Cornec Report (large pdf file--missing cover and summary page)

This report reveals that (1) there is no granite at the dam site, and (2) fault lines next to the dam site were removed in one of the maps prepared with Canadian taxpayer dollars by AMEC.  Comparison with the original map upon which these maps are based shows that the Fortis/AMEC map does not include these prominent faults (see below).

Original map: Bateson and Hall


Note fault line that was removed in the map below

AMEC/Fortis map

fault removed just northwest of circle labeling dam site

(see full map
400kb pdf)

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