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Macal River
Photo essay by Carlton Ward, Jr.
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Belize Lawsuit Documents
A rally for the Macal River was held on the banks of the Macal River, in San Ignacio Belize, May 1, 2003
Video reports:
Dam Canadians
(CBC, April 2002)
Le Barrage Chalillo (RadioCanada, March 2002)
Fortis vs.Truth:
Fortis myths about the dam


Fortis began work illegally, January 2002 (photos) Look her in the eyes print ad Economics: Fortis profits at expense of Belizeans
Hundreds protest dam in Belize (11/06/01) University of Toronto forum on Chalillo dam March 13, 2003.  Announcement ; View forum online Letters from scientists, archaeologists...
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in Belize and "Save the Macal" river race (audio, transcripts, photos) Journalist wins award for news coverage of the Chalillo dam (see photo and story in Spanish) Experts prove geology report for Fortis dam wrong (November 2003 secret report made public, January 2002)
Amazing photos of a young jaguar pair along the Macal River (December 2002) Probe International charges professional misconduct by engineering and consulting firm AMEC   in its CIDA funded Environmental Impact Assessment for the dam Fortis' secret contract with Belize Government (court ordered release, "3rd Master Agreement") pdf file

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