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The Reporter:
Date: Notes:
Chalillo onstream but BECOL wants another dam at Vaca 1-27-06
Chalillo Costs Outrageous 11-27-05 column by Meb Cutlack
Mayan World to be Destroyed 2-05 column by Meb Cutlack
A.G. pleads "poor us" at Privy Council 12-6-03 column by Meb Cutlack

Privy Council sees geology report

12-5-03 column by Meb Cutlack
Reckless endangerment 11-28-03 column by Meb Cutlack
Dramatic Privy Council Ruling 8-9-2003 column by Meb Cutlack
BEL Bleats While Profits Soar 11-2002 column by Meb Cutlack
Chalillo is on, says GOB!  Final Approval given April 5 8-25-2002  
No green light for Chalillo Dam! 8-18-2002  
Why get personal? 7-21-2002 letter to the editor
Editorial 7-1-2002 editorial
Musa defends Chalillo, calls it "Power to the people" 6-30-2002  
Cabinet minister bows out 6-30-2002  
The Dam Debate 6-30-2002 column by Meb Cutlack
Canadian MP visits Belize to learn more about Chalillo dam 6-30-2002  
Canada's Senate examines Dam issue 4-7-2002  
UDP firmly opposed to Chalillo Dam 3-17-2002  
Government in the hot seat! Did GOB. flout its own laws? 3-3-2002  
Fortis will face legal challenges on Chalillo 1-27-2002  
Wrong about Chalillo Geology! 1-27-2002 column by Meb Cutlack
15-year giveaway! Chalillo deal worse than Mollejon 1-20-2002  
Chalillo a no-go: Stunning new revelations will sound dam's death knell 12-23-2001  
Robert Kennedy Jr. visits Belize: Mission to stop Canadian rainforest dam 12-23-2001  
Stan!! The Smiling C.E.O. of Fortis/BEL 12-16-2001 ad against Chalillo dam
Fortis boycotts Probe International meeting on Chalillo 11-18-2001  
Audubon's Position on Chalillo 11-14-2001 press release
Consider This! 11-11-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
Stan!! The Smiling CEO of Fortis/BEL (ad # 2)   ad against Chalillo dam
Chalillo debate: The gloves are off! 11-11-2001  
Stan!! The Smiling CEO of Fortis/BEL (ad #3) 10-7-2001 ad against Chalillo dam
Belizean democracy deformed! - Espat says 10-7-2001  
Children's Book "Launched" in Red Bank and San Pablo Villages   press release
Look elsewhere for power solutions!  BEA tells BEL 8-12-2001  
Home truths from Fortis 8-12-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
"Somebody's gotta pay" : Fortis CEO   ad against Chalillo dam
"Somebody's gotta pay" : Fortis CEO 7-26-2001 news article
Political Cartoon #1   political cartoon
Political Cartoon #2   political cartoon
Da who really own BEL???   political cartoon
Face to Face...Environmentalists confront Fortis top brass 6-17-2001  
Government versus the people 6-17-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
BEL proposes to raise $25 million locally    
BACONGO informs Canadians of the facts on Chalillo and urges BEL for disclosure of information 6-3-2001  
BEL not telling truth in Canada 6-3-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
Mayan and Macaw sites make Raspaculo River worth saving 6-1-2001  
Chalillo could flood Maya ruins 5-20-2001  
Belize's insecurities revealed again 4-29-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
The REAL TRUTH on Electricity, Mollejon and Chalillo 4-25-2001 ad by BACONGO
Princess Anne tours Belize 4-22-2001  
Solid thinking for solid waste 4-15-2001 transcript of commentary aired on Love FM on 4-9-2001
Follow di Leader! 3-18-2001 letter to the editor from Robert Tillet
Chalillo is a farce! 3-18-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
What's the cent$ in Chalillo??? # 3 2-14-2001 BACONGO ad
What's the cent$ in Chalillo??? # 2 2-14-2001 BACONGO ad
Pressure builiding on Fortis to forget about Chalillo 2-11-2001  
A desperate government lashes out 2-11-2001 column by Meb Cutlack
Not so fast!/Angered 2-11-2001 letters to the editor from Bruce Stratton and John Saldivar
What's the cent$ in Chalillo??? #1 2-11-2001 BACONGO ad
Kimo Jolly fired! 2-4-2001  
Fortis buys BECOL 1-01  
Mile 27 landfill EIA approved 12-24-2000  
Chalillo Queries 12-24-2000 letter to the editor from Jonathan Lohr
At the public trough 12-3-2000  
Editorial/Nice Lakeside Lots?/Land Lost! 12-3-2000 editorial, letters to the editor from Douglas Mason and Christopher Ford
The final nail in Chalillo's coffin 11-5-2000 column by Meb Cutlack
Let us think before we act 10-29-2000  
Motion approved at the World Conservation Congress 10-22-2000  
Dam's true price way too much   column by Meb Cutlack
Belize's superb environmental record noted 10-22-2000 column by Meb Cutlack
Belizeans choose the right to decide 10-22-2000  
Our Right to Decide: The Chalillo Dam 10-15-2000 paid ad by Belize Audubon Society
Vitriolic and racial 9-10-2000 letter to the editor from Meb Cutlack
Chalillo's contradictions bad for Belize 8-20-2000  
Chalillo would be devastating if built 8-13-2000 column by Meb Cutlack
Viable only by monopoly 8-13-2000 letter to the editor from Grainne Ryder
Fortis CEO says Belize Gov't is keen on Chalillo Dam Project 8-13-2000  
World Conservation Congress condemns Chalillo Dam Project 8-13-2000  
Electricity from bagasse-sweet sound of success? 6-25-2000  
The evil that men do 6-18-2000 column by Meb Cutlack
WWF Concerns   letter to the editor from Kathryn Fuller
The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center   -PAID AD-
Ancient Mayan sites found in Raspaculo River Basin 4-9-2000 article by Sharon Matola
Belize Dam Threatens Biodiverse Region   article by Sharon Matola
Editorial   editorial
Common Ancestry   letter to the editor from H.A. Pierce
Why the reluctance? 12-5-1999 column by Meb Cutlack
Chalillo is not the answer! Too little, at too big a cost 10-24-1999 article by Sharon Matola
BEL's consultants say hydro is the cheapest way to go 10-24-1999  
Tower Hill Cogeneration and Chalillo the True Comparison   -PAID AD-
Editorial 10-24-1999 editorial
Dam EIA due soon 8-6-1999  
Me thinks thou dost protest too much! 8-5-1999 letter from Meb Cutlack
Engineer bashes Chalillo 5-2-1999  
HydroMaya manager says he has no hidden agenda 5-2-1999  
Cheap Power/In Support of Matola 4-25-1999 letters to the editor from Meb Cutlack and Cassandra De la Cruz
Misleading Reports 4-11-1999 letter to the editor from Lee Durrell
Macal Chalillo Project 3-28-1999 map
Proposed dam not a people's dam 3-28-1999 contributed article by Godsman Ellis
The Pros and Cons of Chalillo 3-21-1999  
Tackle Poverty in compliance with environment! That's the way forward, P.M. Musa tells Audubon 3-21-1999  
BACONGO advises national referendum for Chalillo Dam scheme 3-18-1999  
Let's all be calm about this 3-14-1999 column by Meb Cutlack
Audubon Society calls for study of all energy options 3-14-1999  
The Guardian (UDP-Opposition Party Newspaper): Date: Notes:
Questions for BEL 7-28-2002 open questions to Joseph Sukhandan of BEL
Addressing Belize's electricity supply problems 7-16-2002 letter to the editor from "concerned citizen"
BACONGO meets Canadian NGO's and Robert Kennedy, Jr./BACONGO demonstration - a huge success 11-18-2001  
Fortis and Chalillo 7-29-2001  
Chalillo - Let's do the math correctly! 5-13-2001  
Chalillo Dam potential impact on jaguar   letter to the editor from Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
The fight over Chalillo is not environmental    
On foreign interference in Belize 12-3-2000  
A walk in our wilderness 8-13-2000  
Fonesca on the run 7-2-2000  
Fonesca's Folly 7-2-2000  
Fortis Insists GOB Must Pay $108m 6-25-2000  
A History of Social Security's $3.34 million 5-21-2000  
Matola warns Rotary 10-24-1999  
Matola stands firm against Chalillo Dam Project 4-11-1999  
Sharon Matola responds to Meb Cutlack 3-28-1999 letter from Matola to Cutlack
The Macal River Chalillo Project 3-24-1999 letter to the editor
Government defends Hydro-dam 3-14-1999 contributed by public relations officer, Macal River Project
New Hydro-dam poses serious concerns 3-14-1999 article by Sharon Matola
BAS Proposals 3-11-1999 press release
Staying Transparent: The Chalillo Dam Issue contributed by Sharon Matola
The Public Utilities Commision
Cabinet rethinks hydro holding reservoir construction site 1-31-1999
Amandala: Date: Notes:
CJ denies injunction but grants leave for judicial review 7-25-07 Amandala
PUC broke the law--Senator Ambrose Tillett 1-22-06 Amandala
Killing with the Kilowatts 1-05-06 Amandala
WeBad Says Chalillo Concerns Still Linger 7-18-05 Amandala
Bills to increase by up to 50% Amandala 7-18-05 Amandala

BEL says - no rate increase, no Mexican power!

6-26-05 Amandala
Anti_Chalillo_Ari! 9-2002 letter to the editor from Ari Hershowitz (NRDC)
BEL, General Electric sign contract for gas turbine generator 9-8-2002
Meb Answers BEL Accusations 8-25-2002 paid ad, written by Meb Cutlack
BECOL: Belize Electric Company Ltd. Advertisement 7-14-2002 -PAID AD-
What the wealthy environmental extremists from Washington are not telling you..... (BEL Advertisement) 7-14-2002 -PAID AD-
Mexican Senators visit Belize to discuss energy and environment issues 7-7-2002
Open Letter to Meb Cutlack 7-3-2002 letter to the editor, Joseph Sukhnandan, BECOL
Fortis' Stanley Marshall questions Chalillo opponents' "30,000 petitions.." 4-14-2002
IDEAS takes a look at Chalillo 3-24-2002
Controversy in Mexico over contract between BEL and CFE 3-17-2002
Dean Barrow BACONGO vs. Denys Barrow DOE! 3-3-2002
BEL and PUC both confirm 15-year extension for hydro agreement 1-27-2002
PAID AD--Cartoon 1-27-2002 -PAID AD-
Canada's dark side in Belize: BEL/Fortis Inc. responds to Harrison Ford 9-30-2001
Meb Cutlack on Chalillo 9-2-2002 letter to the editor from Meb Cutlack
Chalillo Dam Has "Unofficial" Go-ahead, with EIA Still Pending 8-19-2001
Abandon Chalillo: A statement by the Belize Ecotourism Association 8-12-2001
BEL: build Chalillo or bust! 7-22-2001
Belize Audubon Society Interviews Lynn Young, CEO of BEL 5-13-2001 interview by Belizean Audubon Society
BEL--net earnings $10.7 million 5-13-2001
Some basic facts: The Proposed Chalillo Dam Project-statement by BEL 4-20-2001 BEL press release
The Chalillo Dam, Let Us Do it NOW 4-8-2001
Press Release: Belizeans' Right to Decide: The Chalillo Dam ( Belizean Audubon Society) 10-22-2000 Belize Audubon Society  press release
Rising fuel prices in Mexico prompts BEL to push Chalillo 6-18-2000
Chalillo Dam EIA: "Fortis tells BEL NO!" 12-12-1999
WWF calls for international fund to break dam deadlock 5-2-1999
World-Wildlife Fund president writes 5-2-1999 letter to the editor from Kathryn Fuller
Macal River Chalillo Project, Some Facts and Figures 4-18-1999
Sharon Matola responds to Norris Hall and the BEL 3-14-1999 opinion/letter response by Sharon Matola
A Reply to Sharon Matola's Article 3-7-1999 opinion/letter response by Norris Hall
We will pay more for juice 9-10-1995
The Belize Times (PUP-Government Party Newspaper): Date: Notes:
BACONGO Lies! 8-25-2002
Letter to Harry Lawrance from BEL 7-2-2002 a paid ad by BEL in Amandala or Belize Times
Open Letter From Hall to Kennedy 12-16-2001 open letter from Norris Hall
Hard Hitting: How Much Can We Trust Some Scientists?  Why the gag? opinion by Norris Hall
Political Cartoon (cont.) 12-23-2001 cartoon
Political Cartoon 12-16-2001 cartoon
Support for Chalillo Dam Construction 12-7-2001 letter to editor from David Murphy
Anti-Chalillo Protest Fizzles 11-11-2001
Where Was the Eco Gang? 11-11-2001
A Spineless Opposition 11-11-2001 editorial
Hard Hitting: Decision 11-11-2001 opinion
Stick to Acting Harrison Ford, You're Better at Indiana Jones than Chalillo 10-7-2001 editorial
Adopted Unanimously at P.U.P. National Convention 9-16-2001
Belize Signs Debt-For-Nature-Swap Deal with Uncle Sam 8-12-2001
The Enemy Within Editorial
Damn Controversy Getting Hotter/Macal River dam 'vital'to eradicating poverty/BACONGO fails to rally oppositon/Belize's Development and Eco-Realism 6-3-2001 opinion by Norris Hall
Out Spoken: Daedra and Dawn Battle letters between Daedra Isaacs (BACONGO) and Dawn Sampson (BECOL)
Exciting New Discoveries on Raspaculo River -PAID AD-
Wade on BACONGO misinformation 4-22-2001 response to BACONGO claims
Out Spoken: response to Cutlack/People Over Beasts 4-22-2001 letter from Meb Cutlack, opinion by Mark Gabb
When Democracy Fails 4-22-2001 opinion column
Expatriates bad-mouth Belize 4-8-2001 letter to the editor from Norris Hall
Chalillo: The Way to Go 4-7-2001
Pepe fights for Belize's autonomy/Runaway Environmentalist 10-27-2000
Fortis Company Wins Environmental Award for Hydro Development 10-12-2000
Enemies of the State 8-27-2000 opinion by Norris Hall
A Voodoo Time Piece 8-17-2000 opinion by Norris Hall
A Fire in the Belly 6-18-2000 opinion by Norris Hall
Environmentalist or Opportunist? outside contributor
Environmental Imperialism: The dirty hands of the WWF adn other friends of BACONGO 6-12-2000 opinion by Norris Hall
Hard Hitting: "Environmentalists" - inept or enemies? opinion by Barry Bowen
Persona Non Grata 11-12-2000 opinion by Norris Hall
Extremley Hard Bedrock Found at Proposed Dam Site 4-4-1999 press release
Macal River Chalillo Project (MRCP) 3-14-1999
Other Belize News:
Date: Notes:
Environmental Group asks PUC to Rescind  Rate Increase 1-17-06 Love FM radio
PUC Boss Explains Why Your Light Bills Will Soar 1-5-06 Channel 7 news
PUC explains second rate hike 1-5-06 Channel 5 news
Electricity Rates rise by 13%: Lynn Young Receives Queen's Award 1-3-06 Channel 5 news
Chalillo is a Big Fat Lie (350kb jpg news article) 11-20-05 The Star
WeBAD Says Damn the Dam! 11-18-05 Channel 7 news
Chalillo Dam Commissioned; BEL Wants 10% Rate Increase 11-15-05 Channel 7 news
Chalillo is Commissioned but BEL Will Still Seek Rate Hike 11-15-05 Channel 5 news
WeBAD Says Damn the Dam! 11-18-05 Channel 7 news
Chalillo generates some watts 9-13-05 Channel 5 and 7 news
PUC Consultant Recommends Higher Electricity Rates 7-15-05 Channel 5 news
A.G. tells Privy Council Chalillo is crucial 12-4-03 Channel 5 news

Privy Council hears BACONGO appeal

12-3-03 Channel 5 news
Belizeans win first round in environmental lawsuit on Chalillo dam. Channel 5 Television News, Belize 2-28-2002 excerpt of transcript
Open letter from Greg Malone 1-9-02 Newfoundland political satirist (of CODCO fame), warns Belizeans about Fortis' plans; published in Belizean papers
NGO's go to court to stop Belize dam
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks out in Belize on Canadian-proposed rainforest dam. Report from Belize visit, transcript of Radio Ritmo interview with Kennedy, RealAudio of interview 12-19-01 also: transcript from Radio Ritmo in Belize and audio clip from LoveFM in Belize
Echoing the Cry of.... 11-14-2001 column by Norman Rodriquez
Chalillo Receives Environmental Clearance 11-14-2001  
Public Information for BACONGO, NRDC and Chalillo Opponents: 11-7-2001 -PAID AD-
The Real Issue About Chalillo 11-7-2001 column by Norman Rodriquez
Chalillo Demonstration Notice #2 10-29-01  
Chalillo Demonstration Notice #1 10-15-01  
Should BACONGO sit on NEAC? 9-7-2001  
NRDC Visits on behalf of the environment 8-17-2001 from the 'San Pedro Sun'
Did You Know....   political cartoon by BACONGO
Did You Know....(# 2)   political cartoon by BACONGO
Did You Know....(# 3)   political cartoon by BACONGO
The Macal: Bringing Power to the People   Business (Belize)
The Beginning of an Animal Adventure: The Belize Zoo    
NOTICE: from Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center    
The Sibun Watershed Association   -PAID AD-
Basic Facts on Chalillo   ad by BEL
The Belize Zoo Threatens to Close    
An Economic Review of the Proposed Chalillo Dam    
A Walk on the Wild Side winter 2000 from 'The Mag'
Fortis Forget It!   advertisement
The Macal Mollejon Hydroelectric Project 1995 from the 'Belize Review'
International News: Date: Notes:

Belize prime minister gets certificate of corruption

4-27-05 Article by Candy and George Gonzales

General Strike in Belize

1-05 Article by Candy and George Gonzales
Canada dam under fire over dam (pdf  498kb) 12-2-03 R.F. Kennedy, Jr. Op-Ed, Toronto Star
Reason to rethink Belize Hydro dam (pdf 347kb) 12-10-03 Toronto Star, business (Jennifer Wells)
Ambientalistas de Belice contra reina de Inglaterra por construcción de una represa en río Macal 12-10-03 El Tiempo, Costa Rica
Wildlife in Peril 12-7-03 Sunday Times
Dam in Belize must be stopped (pdf 149kb) 12-6-03 Toronto Star,  letter to the editor
Belize dam plan flawed, critics say: Canadian firm accused of doing shoddy work 12-4-03 Montreal Gazette
Upon this rock ...: Opponents tell British Privy Council that Fortis' plans for Belize dam flawed (see Canadian Press article) St. John's Telegram (Newfoundland)
Council hears plans for dam are flawed (see Canadian Press article) Charlottetown Guardian  (PEI)
Council told Fortis' plans for Belize dam flawed (see Canadian Press article) The Standard, (St. Catherine's, Ontario)
Fortis building dam on sand, opponents say 12-4-03 Edmonton Journal
Dire Results predicted if Belize dam delayed (pdf of article  204kb) 12-5-03 Toronto Star
Canadian-backed dam in Belize has support, but could be delayed by Britain 12-4-03 Canadian Press

Campaigners fight Belize dam

12-3-03 BBC Online
Rainforest dam row goes before law lords 12-3-03 Guardian Unlimited, UK
Belize PM stands by controversial dam project 12-3-03 Reuters--Yahoo
Canadian-backed dam in Belize faces legal challenge  12-2-03 Globe and Mail

For the first time in its 500 year history, Britain's Privy Council will hear an environmental case


12-2-03 Greg Malone article for Coalition to Save the Macal River Valley
Foes trash Belize dam plans 12-03 Canada News (
More than a natural disaster 11-30-03 Sunday Herald
Controversé barrage hydro-électrique au Bélize --L'injonction n'est pas nécessair, tranche le Conseil privé de Londres 8-14-03 Le Devoir, Canada
Compagnie canadienne impliquée-- Le petit Belize se retrouve au coer d'une grosse controverse environnementale 8-11-03 Le Devoir, Canada
A movement's shifting stage 8-1-03 article from the Miami Herald Business section
Privy Council to hear appeal against Belize dam 8-1-03 edie-UK
Privy Council to rule on Belize dam 7-27-2003 UK Independent
Dam Appeal for Privy Council 7-30-03 Guardian Unlimited, UK
Last Flight Out (900kb pdf) 5-03 Outside Magazine
Central America Report (good overview of controversy) 2-7-03

Energy for Belize dam invested in politics, Even Hollywood stars weigh in  

12-1-02 article from the Miami Herald
Sharon Matola wins Conde Nast Traveler Environmental Award 2002 11-2002 article from Conde Nast Traveler Magazine
Canadian multinational fined for bribes in African dam case (10/28/02; also see background-- 9/19/02) 10-28-2002 Probe International press release
AMEC: Under the Spotlight 6-14-02 Building
Belize Dam Fight Heats up as Court Prepares to Rule 6-07-02 National Geographic Today online news
Upbeat Plan for a Dam in Belize Turns Nasty 3-2-2001 article from the 'New York Times'
Ford Dams' Belize for Electricity Proposal 5-30-2000 article from the 'New York Post'
Fortis faces lawsuit over Belize dam/Chalillo dam threatens unique environment 5-15-2002 letters to the editor from Robert Kennedy and Sharon Matola
Chalillo Chill Spring 2002 from 'Alternatives Journal'
BELCOGEN to produce electricity from bagasse 4-7-2002
Belize selling its assets to foreign companies 3-4-2002 New Statesman, excerpt from a 2-part article
In search of endangered Macaws (pdf file) 3-1-2002 UK Metro
Mesoamerican biological corridor threatened by hydroelectric dam (pdf file) 2002 Oryx 36(1) 11-15

New Scientist article : British pro-dam consultant, AMEC, ignores science in Belize report:

12-20-01 from 'New Scientist'
Mexican Senate speaks out on Chalillo   11-21-01 English/Spanish
Chalillo: el desastre que viene 10-30-01 article from 'Tiempos del Mundo', M
Interview with Conservationist Sharon Matola   NRDC newsletter
Concrete Jungle 12- 2001 New Scientist
Indiana Jones, Eco Warrior 10-2001 British Airways magazine article
Power to the People? 8-27-01 Maclean's Magazine
Duke Energy - What works and what doesn't? 6-2001 Duke Energy presentation
Dumping on Paradise spring 2001 article by Allen Hershkowitz
Valley of the damned 4-2001 from BBC Wildlife
Listen! In Belize's Jungles, It's the Voice of Britain 1-25-2001 article from the 'New York Times'
Frommer's Travel Guide Update: Belize 2-2001 Frommer's Travel Guide (Continental)
Duke Energy in middle of conflict over dam/Environmentalists urge Duke Energy to block dam construction 11-10-2000 from the 'Charlotte Observer'
Chalillo Dam is not economically viable, says report 12-15-1999 press release from WWF
Chalillo Dam Not a Good Idea 12-1999 from the 'Nature Observer
The Final Connection (proposed Central American power grid) 4-7-1999 Siglo 21 (Guatemala)
Pilots Help Preserve Belize Wilderness 10-8-1998 from 'National Geographic'
The Telegram:
Belize denies hydro dam OK 8-9-02  
Fortis' power play in Belize    
Chalillo dam opponents fail to sway Fortis 5-16-2002  
Gaffe mars impact of petitions 4-10-2002  
Fortis facing injunction soon to stop dam.  St. John's Telegram article 1-19-2002  
Fortis plan threatens endangered species 12-7-2001 Letter to Editor by Colin Macdonald
What's a cross between a macaw and a seal? 11-29-2001 Letter to Editor by Eugene Conway
Investors raise some questions    
Protestors oppose Fortis plans for dam 5-17-2001  
Fortis Inc. zeroing in on small hydro sector 5-17-2001  
Other Canadian News: Date: Notes:
Western acquisitions produce steady profit for N.L.-based Fortis Inc. 8-5-2005 Rate increases in Belize add to profits
 Fortis Earns $38.2 Million in Second Quarter 8-5-2005 Rate increases in Belize add to profits
 "BRINCO of Belize" 3-1-2002 Transcript of presentation by Greg Malone on delivering petitions and letters to Fortis
Kennedy speaking with Bill Rowe, challenging Fortis to make its secret contracts public 12-17-01  VOCM morning show, , (Quicktime audio download)
Canada's dark side in Belize 9-20-2001 article by Harrison Ford in the 'Globe and Mail'
Fortis vs.The Truth: Top Ten Fortis Myths 12-3-01 many of these repeated  by CEO Stan Marshall on Newfoundland's CBC Radio Noon Crosstalk
Letter from scientists at Memorial University Newfoundland 11-30-01
Law students in Halifax, Nova Scotia, oppose Fortis Plans 11-21-01 open letter to Fortis
ASK CIDA! Why are our tax dollars helping a Canadian multinational bulldoze the rainfortests of Belize? paid ad by Sierra Club of Canada/Probe Intl.
Fighting Fortis with fire from 'The Express'
Fortis disputes Kennedy claims 11-2-2001 from the 'Financial Post'
Kennedy adds clout to Belize dam protest 11-2-2001 from the 'Globe and Mail'
Robert Kennedy, Jr. joins activists from Newfoundland and Belize to blast Fortis' dam: see the press advisory, transcript, and some of the news coverage 11-1-01 at the Toronto Stock Exchange
Opponents of dam take battle to TSE 11-1-2001 from the 'Toronto Star'
Belize needs a free energy market, not more dams 10-31-2001 editorial from the 'Financial Post'
Canadian firm under fire over Belize dam 5-17-2001 from the 'Ottawa Citizen'
Globalization in the Jungle 3-25-2001 from the 'Gazette' (Montreal)
Coalition Updates and Press Releases: Date: Notes:
Campaign Update: Appeals Court to hear application for an injunction to halt construction 1-31 2003
Campaign Update: Judge orders Hearings for Canadian-backed Dam in Central American Rainforest 12-20-02
Protests reach Fortis shareholders: news coverage, report from meeting, press release, Newfoundland petitions, other petitions from St.John's, Newfoundland;  Alberta, CA and Cambridge, UK May 2002
Other petitions from St.John's, Newfoundland;  Alberta, CA and Cambridge, UK
Campaign updates in brief April-May 2002
BACONGO wins first round in two lawsuits 4-26-2002
BACONGO brings lawsuit challenging Public Utilities Commission - Press Release 3-26-2002
Thirty thousand petitions for delivery to Fortis March 1 in St. John's.   2-27-2002
British engineering and consulting firm AMEC  urged to retract its flawed and misleading, CIDA funded assessment 2-21-2002 letter from Probe International to AMEC
Belizean environmental and business groups sue  to stop Fortis dam 2-14-2002
Fortis and partners began illegal construction on road to dam site in January...Photos 2-14-2002 photos of construction
Letters to MPs and Hill Times Ad target foreign aid misused to justify Fortis dam 2-11-2002
Fortis, AMEC geology wrong, experts say: proposed dam may fail, with life-threatening consequences 1-30-02 press release from Probe International
"Look Her in the Eyes" advertisement (press release/html, PDF) format   coalition press release/ad in html/PDF by Ryakuga of Newfoundland, Probe Intl, Sierra Club of Canada &NRDC
Open letter from Greg Malone 1-9-02 Newfoundland political satirist (of CODCO fame), warns Belizeans about Fortis' plans; released in Belizean papers
Belizean groups invite Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Belize 12-21-01 BACONGO press release
Actions throughout Atlantic Canada: Overview.  Reports: Halifax, Fredricton, Moncton, St. John's, Charlottetown. 11-30-01 coalition press releases
International uproar over Belize government sanction for Canadian-backed dam 11-16-01
Belizeans challenge evaluation of Fortis dam as illegal 11-1-01
Mutlimedia: Date: Notes:
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks out in Belize on Canadian-proposed rainforest dam. (Report from Belize visit, transcript of Radio Ritmo interview with Kennedy, RealAudio of interview 12-19-01 also: transcript from Radio Ritmo in Belize and audio clip from LoveFM in Belize
Kennedy speaking with Bill Rowe, challenging Fortis to make its secret contracts public (temporarily not available) 12-17-01  VOCM morning show, , (Quicktime audio download)
Hundreds of Belizeans Protest Newfoundland Dam 11-6-01 BACONGO Press Release
"Stop Fortis" See the new 30 second video for television
Powerful video ads featuring Greg Malone and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Don't dam our River:   Photo essay by Carlton Ward, Jr. 

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