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Fortis faces Belize questions at annual shareholder meeting May 14, 2003

Campaign updates in brief (April-May, 2002)

BACONGO wins first round in two lawsuits (4/26/02)

BACONGO brings lawsuit challenging Public Utilities Commission rubber-stamp approval of the dam, and abuse of Belizean customers (3/26/02)  Press Release

Transcript of presentation by Greg Malone: "BRINCO of Belize" on delivering petitions and children's letters to Fortis (3/1/02)

Thirty thousand petitions delivered to Fortis March 1 in St. John's.   (3/1/02)

In search of endangered Macaws.  Article in UKMetro..pdf (3/01/02)

Belize selling its assets to foreign companies. New Statesman article (3/04/02)

Belizeans win first round in environmental lawsuit (2/28/02)

Belizean environmental and business groups sue  to stop Fortis dam (2/14/02) 

Fortis and partners began illegal construction on road to dam site in January...Photos (2/14/02)

British engineering and consulting firm AMEC  urged to retract its flawed and misleading, CIDA funded assessment (2/21/02)

Letters to MPs and Hill Times Ad target misuse of foreign aid to justify Fortis dam (2/11/02)

Fortis facing injunction soon to stop dam.  St. John's Telegram article (1/19/02)

Fortis, AMEC geology wrong, experts say: proposed dam may fail, with life-threatening consequences (1/30/02)

New Scientist article : British pro-dam consultant, AMEC, ignores science in Belize report: (12/20/01)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks out in Belize on Canadian-proposed rainforest dam. (Report from Belize visit, transcript of Radio Ritmo interview with Kennedy, RealAudio of interview on LoveFM in Belize) (12/19/01)

Kennedy speaking with Bill Rowe, VOCM morning show, challenging Fortis to make its secret contracts public (12/17/01, Quicktime audio download)

Fortis vs.The Truth: Top Ten Fortis Myths, many of these repeated  by CEO Stan Marshall on Newfoundland's CBC Radio Noon Crosstalk (12/03/01)

Letters from scientists worldwide, including Dr. David Suzuki, as well as all experts on Belize's rainforests, opposing Fortis' dam.

Hundreds of Belizeans Protest Newfoundland Dam (11/6/01)

See the new 30 second "Stop Fortis" video for television

Powerful video ads featuring Greg Malone and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Don't dam our River: The Macal River is an important source of life for villages in Belize.  Photo essay by Carlton Ward, Jr. 

Coalition launches "Look Her in the Eyes" print ad

Open letter from Greg Malone:  Newfoundland political satirist (of CODCO fame), warns Belizeans about Fortis' aggression, and how Newfoundlanders stopped Fortis (01/09/02)

Belizean groups invite Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Belize (12/21/01)

Letter from scientists at Memorial University Newfoundland (11/30/01)

Actions throughout Atlantic Canada: Overview.  Reports: Halifax, Fredricton, Moncton, St. John's, Charlottetown. (11/30/01)

Law students in Halifax, Nova Scotia, oppose Fortis Plans (11/21/01)

Mexican Senate speaks out on Chalillo   (11/21/01)

International uproar over Belize government sanction for Canadian-backed dam (11/16/01)

Belizeans challenge evaluation of Fortis dam as illegal (11/11/01)

Robert Kennedy, Jr. joins activists from Newfoundland and Belize to blast Fortis' dam at the Toronto Stock Exchange, November 1: see the press advisory, transcript, and some of the news coverage (11/1/01)

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