Letters from scientists and others opposing Fortis' dam

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, jaguar expert, established the world's first jaguar reserve in Belize
Alastair Rogers, scientist on Fortis' wildlife report, world's expert on Macal River Valley
Bruce and Carolyn Miller, Belize's premier wildlife experts
Dr. Tim Caro, expert on tropical mammals, University of California Professor, letter to CIDA
Dr. Marcella Kelley, Jaguar scientist, studied wildlife in the Macal River Valley, letter to CIDA
Dr. Julian Lee, expert on reptiles and amphibians, discovered a rare frog only found in the Belize
Fifteen of the world's experts on Scarlet Macaws
Scientists at Memorial University, Newfoundland, letter to CIDA
Eighteen of the world's top environmental scientists, including Dr. David Suzuki
Dr. Elizabeth Graham, Maya archaeological expert, Royal Ontario Museum
Arlen and Diane Chase (pdf file), Experts on Belizean Maya, Caracol research center
Belize Ecotourism Association

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