January 2006
Fortis/BEL Raises Rates Yet Again
Shortly after commissioning the Chalillo dam, Fortis/BEL asked for electricity rate increases to cover their construction bill--reported to be between 10% and 300% greater than Fortis/BEL estimated ($33 to 100 million US total cost).  Though Fortis/BEL is not allowing any inspections of the dam, its own reports show that the dam has not filled and is not producing the electricity they promised Belizeans.  Instead, they raised electricity rates for Belizeans 12% in the summer of 2005 and another 13% in January 2006.  Belizeans have questioned this rate hike and are demanding answers from BECOL.

A. Rate Hike Approved over Christmas holiday (Jan. 2006)

1. State Senator Ambrose Tillet challenges rate hike as illegal (Amandala article)
2. Environmentalists Challenge Rate Hike (Love FM, letter from BELPO)
3. Killing with the Kilowatts (Amandala)
4. PUC Explains Second Rate Hike (Channel 5)
5. Lynn Young Explains Rate Hike: Receives Queen's Award (Ch 5)
6. PUC Boss Explains Rate Hike (Channel 7)

B.  Fortis/BEL asks for rate hike after Chalillo commissioning (Nov. 2005)
Reports: Channel 7 , Channel 5 , The Star: Chalillo a Big Fat Lie (jpg)


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